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I love this. This music says a lot about world-class director, Alejandro González Iñárritu. He’s clearly a minimalist when it comes to the music in his films – valuing open space between notes.

In addition, the music is just off the center axis. Whether it’s Gustavo Santaolalla’s score for Babel, or Ryuichi Sakamoto’s score for The Revenant — there’s an unusual mix of notes and a density to the chords.

My final post for 2015 is by far my favorite and most compelling. My favorite band is Radiohead and my favorite director is Stanley Kubrick. I personally value music and movies that disrupt any notion of what’s “normal”. The Revenant is totally in my wheelhouse.

Zoom SSH-6 Stereo Shotgun Mic

I’m using my new microphone, a Zoom SSH-G (Stereo Shotgun Mic) for my Zoom Q8 video camera. The Q8 came with a detachable X/Y configured mic that sounded good enough, but it picked up the entire room where my guitar just happens to be the loudest sound.

The Shotgun mic is a long tube aimed right at me, so the sound of the guitar is much more focused and warm. The stereo mics in the base of the SSH-6 pick up just a bit of the room to balance out the sound.

A few readers have wondered why my sound isn’t more professional, and to that I say, I’m trying! I always keep in mind that “perfect is the enemy of good enough”. It’s just easier for me to move quickly (and do a lot of takes) with the mic attached to camera as with my Zoom Q8. However, the Shotgun mic will be a major improvement in the upcoming year. 

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How to play The Revenant Atmospheric for classical guitar

Ryuichi Sakamoto’s theme for The Revenant is so unexpected. There’s two chords then nothing. Two more chords then nothing. There’s tension, then emptiness.

I’m playing The Revenant Atmospheric variation from the soundtrack. It still has the stops and the open space — but the intervals are much closer together. The Revenant Title Theme has the wide open 8 second intervals — whereas Atmospheric is more around 4 seconds.

The Revenant theme was tough to get. It’s not too difficult to play, but from a transcribing standpoint, the chord voicings were difficult to hear and express on the guitar. I’m very proud of this arrangement to say the least.

The guitar tab is a single page long. Although there’s a couple difficult chord shapes I’ll archive The Revenant in my Easy to Play category — because of the song’s short duration.

[I’m using my thumb to fret the low note of the chord shape at 0:44 of the video.]

Enjoy this! The guitar tab is available below:

The Revenant atmospheric is played in standard tuning.

The Revenant Atmospheric for classical guitar

Please comment to let me know what you think, or if you have any questions. Also, the last note of the song is and open low E string (6th string). I forgot to include it in the tab:/


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