Rogue One: Guardians of the Whills Suite for classical guitar + TAB

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My imagination can only take me so far. That’s why I look to orchestral film score work to create new guitar arrangements.

When I bounced around Michael Giacchino’s score for Rogue One, Guardians of the Whills, the final song, stood out to me a possible guitar piece.

Creating a guitar arrangement is like a football game, you never how the story is going to play out — until you’re in it. With Guardians of the Whills, it became a dark, Ennio Morricone style, Spaghetti Western piece. This was obvious from the first few notes, so I went with that sentiment.

Rather than capture every nuance from the orchestral piece note for note — I decided to only take cues from the original and “do my own thing”. I LOVE the result.

My other Star Wars piece from last year’s, The Force Awakens, is Han and Leia for classical guitar. This is one of my favorites: the long standing love theme between Han Solo and Princess leia. Please enjoy, it’s a free guitar tab.

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How to play Rogue One: Guardians of the Whills Suite for classical guitar

The guitar tab for Guardians of the Whills Suite is 3 pages long, and I recommend it for intermediate guitar players and up. The good news, is that you can play this as slow as you want, and it will still sound good.

The guitar tab is played straight through without repeats. Please enjoy, the guitar tab is available below.

Guardians of the Whills Suite is played in

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