As a fan, but moreover as a content creator, I’m inspired by Radiohead.

They have been doing what they want for 25 years. Bending the world to their whims, and their ethos of music. 1997’s OK Computer, and 2000’s Kid A, are still futuristic albums that will hold up, decades to come.

While eschewing commercial success and mass appeal in favor of authenticity, seriousness, and integrity — Radiohead, oddly enough, found commercial success and mass appeal.

At this point, Radiohead albums are corrections to the market. Music gets dumb, then Radiohead reminds us that we can be challenged. That we can listen to a concept album straight through as the artist intended.

A Moon Shaped Pool is a righteous piece of art. This album has reinvigorated me as a musician. I always strive to deliver the best content I can — and now I want to do even better.

Burn the Witch is just the beginning, as I plan on doing a few more from this album. I have an entire archive dedicated to my my acoustic guitar arrangements of Radiohead’s music. Included, is solo material from Philip Selway and Jonny Greenwood — also Radiohead’s Spectre theme.

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How to play Burn the Witch for acoustic guitar

This is an all in one arrangement for acoustic guitar. I tried color in elements of Thom Yorke’s vocal lines within the chord structure. If you listen to verse section beginning around 0:25, you can hear where I ghosted in the vocal line.

For the chorus, I just played the rhythm chords, but the tuning allows for the vocal note to be colored in.

The guitar tab for Burn the Witch is only two pages long. My order of play, in accordance to the guitar tab is: Intro, Verse, Chorus 3x — Bridge — Verse, Chorus 4x, End.

This is not recommended for beginners, because this guitar tab assumes you know how to intuitively strum. Strumming should be (I hate this word) organic. It’s like driving a stick shift: intuitive and unthinking.

What I have done in the guitar tab — is imbue a sense of timing. For instance, a chord shape followed by (. . . .) is strummed for a longer period of time than just (. .). I developed this method over 20 some years as a guitar teacher. It quickly and easily understood by my students.

To see what I’m talking about, check out my free guitar tab for the Making a Murderer end credits theme.

Good luck, the guitar tab is available below:

Burn the Witch is tuned like this, from low to high: C# F# C# F# F# C#. Or, depending on your tuner: Db Gb Db Gb Gb Db. Good luck!

*Burn the Witch for acoustic guitar*

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