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Oppenheimer is Christopher Nolan’s 12th motion picture. It’s widely considered to be his greatest achievement — with some critics calling it “the film of the century”. The film follows the life of theoretical physicist, J. Robert Oppenheimer who developed the first nuclear weapon.

Ludwig Göransson’s score for Oppenheimer is tremendous. The instrumentation is a perfect blend of classic and modern. Violins in concert with synthetic soundscapes. The old world ushering in new (atomic) age.

My fingerstyle arrangement is the closing (title) theme ‘Oppenheimer’.

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Gear used

For Oppenheimer, I used my Cordoba C7 Cedar. You can find a current list of my gear here.

Spotify and streaming

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How to play Oppenheimer | fingerstyle guitar

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The guitar tab for Oppenheimer is beautifully written across 3 pages. I recommend this piece for intermediate guitar players and up.

Enjoy, the guitar tab is available below:

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