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From my early 20's onward, I have been an enormous Blur fan. Their guitarist, Graham Coxon, is one of my all time favorites. Blur's front-man, Damon Albarn, has proven himself to be a visionary musician though solo projects and Gorillaz.

What's my favorite Blur song? I'm glad you asked. It has to be On Your Own. In my humble opinion, this is how the electric guitar should be played: reckless, and with a total disregard for the status quo. The guitar effect is like someone kicked an amp with the spring reverb turn all the way up.

This praise might surprise you from someone who (at least on YouTube) primarily plays a soft style on the classical guitar. But I'm not a classical guitarist in the true sense of the term. Nor do I particularly like traditional classical music.

I choose this type of guitar, because they're easy to play and they sound great for what I'm trying to do with Intellimusica, which is: generate content for guitar that's off the beaten path, and that is very reasonable to play by beginners and intermediate level guitarists.

In that sense, I too have a total disregard for the history and tradition of the classical guitar -- and it's perceived music.

As long as you respect people, I think having an attitude of 'nothing is sacred' is healthy when it comes to your work. How else can you create something that is distinctly original, unless you obliterate the current conventions?

(Note: Sister Rust is my premium content.)

How to play Damon Albarn's Sister Rust for classical guitar

As mentioned above, you have only to listen to Sister Rust, to know that Damon Albarn is a visionary musician.  My arrangement of for this song also embodies Intellimusica's continued path.

My favorite things to play are songs that sound amazing -- but are relatively easy to play. My favorite song from the past couple of months is the theme from Fargo. Second to that is Sister Rust, and lastly is the theme from The Leftover's by Max Richter

In all three instances, the recording and playing was effortless. The songs came together very quickly too. There is no better feeling, than to embark on a transcription, and know it's going to turn out perfectly from the first note.

Conversely, the worst arrangement of the past few months (that also took forever to figure out) was Phantogram's Fall in Love. You will not be seeing anything like that again.

With Sister Rust you'll need to be agile, but there are no difficult chord positions. This song is for beginner and intermediate guitar players. The tab is concisely laid out on a single page. My order of play looks like this: Refrain, Verse -- Refrain, Verse -- Refrain, End.

Enjoy, you'll love this one! The tab is available below:

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