Lana Del Rey: How to Play — Summertime Sadness for Classical Guitar

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Summertime Sadness for Classical Guitar

I am constantly organizing my content to make it easier to find and access.  One of the newer things I’ve done is archive all of my free tabs. Which begs the question, what constitutes a free tab?

It’s important to know that I put just as much effort into my free material, that I put into my premium material. I only designate a tab and post as ‘premium‘, if I feel that it is ultra-unique, or if the entire post — including transcribing, practicing, recording, and writing — was intensive to accomplish.

My free content, is material that is relatively easy to produce, and older material from the first two years of my blog’s existence. As with the case of Outro (M83), Through Falling Snow (Prisoners) and Rush (Hans Zimmer) — I’m still adding free tabs all the time.

If you’re new to this blog, please make use of all of the free tabs I have to offer. To date, there is 92 of them. It is a great way to easily try new things, build a little skill, and get used to the way I write guitar tablature.

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 How to Play Lana Del Rey’s Summertime Sadness for Classical Guitar

Like my other Lana Del Rey arrangements, Summertime Sadness was difficult to perform and record correctly. Her songs are long, and I would play three minutes worth correctly, then panic and screw up the bridge part. I think I played Summertime Sadness a dozen times before I achieved a perfect recording.

For this reason, I can’t qualify Summertime Sadness as easy to play. There are no difficult cords — but it is time intensive to play.

Despite all this, I managed to draw up a very clear and concise tab that is only two sheets long. If you’re performing as I have in the video, my layout is: Intro {Verse, Verse Change, Pre-Chorus, Chorus} {Bridge, Chorus, Pre-Chorus, Chorus, Bridge}.

Summertime Sadness is played in

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12 Responses to “Lana Del Rey: How to Play — Summertime Sadness for Classical Guitar”

  1. jvcaine

    05. Nov, 2013

    One of my fave Lana del Ray songs, thanks for doing a guitar version. Well done!

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  2. Clare

    16. Jan, 2014

    Hi, this is great. Do you mind if I use this as a backing track?

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  3. Hugo

    01. May, 2014

    Hi Evan,

    I am French. I would like to know if it was possible to have the tab for Summertime Sadness by Lana Del Rey because I need it for a guitar concert soon — and I did not find it in the post. You’re my only hope! IF YOU PLEASE. I Thank you in advance cordially. Hugo of Paris, France!

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    • Evan Handyside

      01. May, 2014

      Salut Hugo, merci pour en contact. Désolé pour mon français – utilisant Google Translate. Summertime Sadness est mon contenu premium, et vous aurez besoin pour vous inscrire à Tinypass au bas du poteau.

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  4. Steen Zu

    04. Oct, 2014

    I love your songs/tabs Evan, they are great written!! :) Please do continue!

    I would love to see more populair songs/mainstream nice music tabs!

    – WookieCake

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  5. tony

    14. Oct, 2014

    dear evan..I was hoping to get the music sheets as I am bad with tabs..can you recommend something please..i really enjoyed your guitar and would like to purchase ..

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    • Evan Handyside

      15. Oct, 2014

      Hi Tony, thanks for commenting. I can’t read or write music (sheets) — I can only write in guitar tabs. Very sorry.


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  6. Dirk

    18. Sep, 2015

    Hello Evan,

    you are absolutely right. It is very intensive to play and although the tabs are looking easy it took me one week to perform it the way like you play it. Your arrangement is really great and I enjoyed spending so much time on it. After Bittersweet Symphony it is my second song I learned from you. It was no mistake to purchase and I am looking forward to learn your Skyfall- arrangement next. Greets and thanks a lot for your music

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    • Evan Handyside

      19. Sep, 2015

      Thank you Dirk. Good luck with your guitar playing. It makes me very happy that you’re enjoying my arrangements and that your premium membership is useful. Stay in touch! Evan

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