Summertime Sadness for Classical Guitar

I am constantly organizing my content to make it easier to find and access.  One of the newer things I’ve done is archive all of my free tabs. Which begs the question, what constitutes a free tab?

It’s important to know that I put just as much effort into my free material, that I put into my premium material. I only designate a tab and post as ‘premium‘, if I feel that it is ultra-unique, or if the entire post — including transcribing, practicing, recording, and writing — was intensive to accomplish.

My free content, is material that is relatively easy to produce, and older material from the first two years of my blog’s existence. As with the case of Outro (M83), Through Falling Snow (Prisoners) and Rush (Hans Zimmer) — I’m still adding free tabs all the time.

If you’re new to this blog, please make use of all of the free tabs I have to offer. To date, there is 92 of them. It is a great way to easily try new things, build a little skill, and get used to the way I write guitar tablature.

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 How to Play Lana Del Rey’s Summertime Sadness for Classical Guitar

Like my other Lana Del Rey arrangements, Summertime Sadness was difficult to perform and record correctly. Her songs are long, and I would play three minutes worth correctly, then panic and screw up the bridge part. I think I played Summertime Sadness a dozen times before I achieved a perfect recording.

For this reason, I can’t qualify Summertime Sadness as easy to play. There are no difficult cords — but it is time intensive to play.

Despite all this, I managed to draw up a very clear and concise tab that is only two sheets long. If you’re performing as I have in the video, my layout is: Intro {Verse, Verse Change, Pre-Chorus, Chorus} {Bridge, Chorus, Pre-Chorus, Chorus, Bridge}.

Enjoy, the tab is available below:

Summertime Sadness is played in standard tuning with a capo on the 2nd fret.

Summertime Sadness (Tab)


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