Björk is an Icelandic singer-songwriter, record producer, and actress. She is known for her experimental and innovative music, which incorporates a wide range of genres, including electronic music, alternative rock, and classical music. Björk’s songs often deal with themes of love, loss, nature, and identity.

“Unravel” is a song from Björk’s third studio album, Homogenic (1997). The song is a slow and haunting ballad, with a sparse arrangement.

How to Play Unravel | fingerstyle guitar

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Homogenic is was of my favorite albums, and it’s indicative of a very optimistic time in my life.  Released in 1997 (when I was 20), Homogenic preceded Radiohead’s “ground breaking” Kid A by 3 years! It’s hard to pick my favorite song from Bjork, but Unravel is certainly one of her best.

The trick with adapting a Bjork song to classical guitar, is doing justice to her unmistakable and unusual vocal phrasing. For what is a fairly complex song, I’ve written a simple guitar tab.  Despite it’s melodic intricacies, Unravel’s structure is very easy to comprehend:

Intro, Verse, Pre-Chorus,

Chorus 1, Chorus 2.

Enjoy, the tab is available below:

Bjork: Unravel | fingerstyle guitar

Unravel is played in standard tuning.

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