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Alien: Covenant [no spoilers, Geeks only]

I’m a huge Prometheus fan. Love the Super-being/Engineer concept. I’m very happy that Ridley Scott didn’t give in to the online chatter and kept with the evolution of Prometheus for Alien: Covenant.

Prometheus was ultimately a very successful movie, earning $403 million at the box office on a budget of $130 million. It goes to show that the message board community is truly a vocal minority.

The Alien (xenomorph) itself has been beaten to death over the years. The only way to revive the Alien’s horror, is to explain it’s origin — in concert with our origin.

Alien Anthology Theory

My brother came up with this tandem theory for Prometheus/Covenant. Neither of us have seen Covenant yet:

Whereas our A.I. is digital/mechanicalĀ — the Engineer’s A.I. is biological. The Engineers that show up in the prologue trailer for Alien: Covenant (within their home planet) look more rugged than the Super-beings from Prometheus.

Clearly the Engineers have been experimenting with the creation of life, as well as improving upon their own lifeform. It seems their created Super-beings have probably turned and enslaved the peaceful, and self-sacrificial Engineers:

You’ll notice the mind-blowing opening sequence of Prometheus where the Engineers create human life on primordial Earth. They look angelic, and their ship is a peaceful looking flying saucer.

Later in Prometheus we find the odd shaped crescent military ship, where the now Super-beings have been creating biological A.I that (again) has turned on them.

This is much like David (Prometheus) and Ash (Alien) — our Hyperdyne Systems Androids begin to turn on us in the name of science and progress.

So, the overarching theme of the Ridley Scott’s Alien vision is that that we should slow down and be wary of our advances in A.I. Just a theory. Credit goes to my brother!

Gear Used

I used my cheap Alvarez AC-65 for the Alien Covenant Theme. I keep this guitar strung with Savarez Yellow Card strings for songs with low, alternate tunings. The strings are super high tension so the guitar still performs normally.

My camera is a Zoom Q8 with a Stereo Shotgun Microphone.

You can find all of my gear here.

How to play the Alien Covenant Theme for guitar

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The Prometheus theme by Harry Gregson-Williams is brilliant too. Like Jed Kurzel’s Covenant theme, there’s a Star TrekĀ vibe, rather than a horror film theme. Take a listen to my guitar version here.

The guitar tab for the Alien Covenant Theme is two pages long and played straight through. It may look easy to play, but there are some tricky sections at the end of each melody. I recommend this for intermediate guitar players and up.

Enjoy! The guitar tab is available below:

The Alien Covenant Theme is played in a low open C tuning. Your tuning is as follows from Low to High: C G C E G C.

Alien Covenant Theme for classical guitar

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