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As a Gustavo Santaolalla super fan, I’m amazed that the same guy who composed the brooding score for Babel, can also be perfectly at home writing material for The Book of Life. You don’t see this type of seamless versatility very often. Especially from those two extremes.

This transcription of I Love You Too Much (also known as Te Amo y Mas) is a bit chaotic. An enormous hole in my guitar playing is the fact that I can’t meaningfully strum with my fingers. I had to conceal a pick in my right hand, and I think the dynamic of this performance would’ve been better if I was able to strum with my fingers, or even a finger nail.

The best way to learn to strum with your fingers — is to get rid of your guitar picks all together. My students constantly lose, or run out of their guitar picks. This forces them to develop a finger-style short hand for everything, including strumming. A few of the girls I teach have abandoned guitar picks all together.

How to play I love You Too Much for guitar

The intro and verse are clearly played on a ronroco, which is typically Gustavo Santaolalla’s instrument of choice. The conversion from ronroco to guitar typically involves a capo on the 5th fret.

[On a side note, Cordoba Guitars makes a Guilele.  The Guilele is essentially a guitar that begins on the 5th fret. They’re really cool, and could take the place of a ukulele or roncoco without the learning curve.  Full disclosure, I’m an official Cordoba brand ambassador, which is basically meaningless, but they did send me a T-Shirt in the mail.

If interested, the guitar I’m using is a Cordoba GK studio, and my capo is a G7th performance classical. To see a list of everything I use, check the gear section of this blog.]

From there (sigh) the strumming begins with the bridge section. I’ve labeled the general chord shape in the guitar tab, and I indicate the strumming with a (… …) following the indicated chord. The general strumming pattern is: down, down, up, up for each set of (…) in the tab.

That’s it. Enjoy. The tab is available below:

*I Love You Too Much by composer Gustavo Santaolalla*

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