Chris Isaak: Wicked Game | fingerstyle guitar

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images (3)I was about 12 years old when the video for Chris Isaak’s Wicked Game was released, and at that age, I was not likely to forget it.

Shot in black and white by photographer Herb Ritts, and featuring a semi-nude (and still looking good) supermodel, Helena Christensen — Chris Isaak’s iconic 1989 video won multiple awards when the MTV’s Music Video Awards were still relevant.

Oh yeah, and the song is really good too.

 Wicked Game is another exhibit of doing what I want to do verses what I think I should do for this blog.  I’m much happier that way.  Since having made my new year’s resolution to be a little more selfish, and only post what I’m passionate about, my blog viewership has nearly doubled in size, my EP is selling, and virtually every parameter of my life has improved.

So long as it’s constructive, what if you became a little more selfish too?  One of the testaments of CDBaby founder Derek Sivers is approaching everything you do with a HELL YEAH or NO.  

Obviously we all want to do what’s in the best interest of our friends and family.   However, when it comes to your work and your passion (hopefully they’re the same), you’d be surprised at the results you can generate by saying HELL YEAH to what’s important to you, and a polite NO to everything else.

I am using my newly restrung Dolce for Wicked Game.  This is the first time I’ve strung it with Savarez Red Card strings, which I believe to be the best nylon strings on the planet for finger-tip players.  The smaller 7/8 Dolce is by far my best sounding guitar and also the cheapest!


How to Play Wicked Game for Spanish Guitar:

Wicked Game is played in

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4 Responses to “Chris Isaak: Wicked Game | fingerstyle guitar”

  1. Chris

    18. Jun, 2013

    Whoa, beautiful! Goes right under my skin, well done!

    I might try this once I’m fed up with ‘Time’ (learning Time for 5 days now) and need a change to not lose the passion for the track (does that make sense?).

    I also have a question I can not answer myself, since I lack every experience. From all your tracks here – which one would you consider to be the easiest to learn for a beginner? Sure, it varies from person to person I assume, yet I hope you have a suggestion for me.


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  2. Chris

    19. Jun, 2013

    Thanks for the effort Evan, appreciated!

    “I feel like I could teach each of these songs to a total beginner in one lesson.”

    Then, I’m doing it wrong – or you’re a good teacher, haha.

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  3. […] is actually my second foray into the 80′s.  The first was Chris Isaak’s Wicked Game — which is one of the better arrangements I’ve ever done on this […]

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