Welcome To Marwen

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Alan Silvestri (The Polar Express, Avengers) has always been one of my favorite A-list composers. The music from Welcome to Marwen is just beautiful. I love the transition at 0:55 of the video.

Although I haven’t seen the movie yet, I believe Finally Got It Right is the central theme of Marwen. The other being, They Can’t Hurt Me which is also a beautiful little melody.

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Welcome to Marwen: They Can’t Hurt Me + TAB

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Gear Used

For, Finally Got It Right, I used my Cordoba C7 Cedar. It’s warm and dark sounding guitar. For a list of all of my current gear, click here.

How to play Finally Got It Right for guitar

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The guitar tab for Finally Got It Right is two pages long and beautifully written. Although the transition at 0:55 might pose a little bit of difficulty for some, I believe this piece is generally easy to play.

You’ll play straight through the guitar tab, repeating the verse section at the end.

Enjoy, the guitar tab is available below:

Finally Got It Right is played one whole step down: D G C F A D

Welcome to Marwen: theme for classical guitar (Alan Silvestri)


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