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My apologies. I want you to have a better experience on my website. Here’s how to get sorted out:

If you don’t see blue $5 ticket: the page has not loaded all the way, or you’ll need to refresh the page.

-In some cases, you may need to clear your browser cache/cookies, or bypass the browser cache — as there may be a conflict with the site.  

-Bypassing your cache means forcing your web browser to re-download a web page from scratch, which can often solve website display glitches. Bypassing your cache is simple, safe, and causes no permanent changes. Here are instructions — it’s as simple as pressing F5.

-Lastly, you might have a *popup blocker browser extension (or privacy extension) that is disabling the blue $5 ticket.Temporarily disabling your browser extension will reveal the blue ticket. For example, the Privacy Badger extension conflicts with this site.

For mobile users: If you can’t see the blue $5 ticket, your WiFi connection is not completely loading the page. Temporarily turn off your WiFi, and use data to load the page. Reload the page by clicking the URL — or hit the graphic at the top of the page to return Home.