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My observation is that the iPhone (of which I’m an owner and a fan) has created an entire generation of “walkers” — or as the zombies are referred to in AMC’s The Walking Dead.

We see them everywhere, and you might be one: a human-being walking, standing, or driving while gazing into the screen of an iPhone. I’m definitely one of them, but I’m trying to change.

Recently, one of my 10 year-old guitar students mentioned to me that he was going on a field trip the following day.  I’m 35, and even I was excited for him.  I mean, field trips were awesome! It didn’t matter where you went — as long you were away from school and with your friends.

My student looked at me like I was crazy, then stated that field trips are total crap because the students are not allowed to bring any phones or electronic devices with them.  He then stated, it’s like they’re trying to force us to talk to one another.  He was serious.

The fact that large parts of our young and adult population cannot bare (even the thought of) extended human interaction is troubling.  My phone situation is not even as bad as others.  

I really drew the line at apps early on.  My thinking was that I haven’t accomplished nearly what I want to achieve in life, and iPhone apps, Xbox, or computer games are certainly not going to get me there.  I think I was right about that too.   I literally have no apps of any consequence on my iPhone.

I feel like my successful teaching business, this blog, and my soon-to-be-finished EP are all an outgrowth of tempering the digital in favor of the real. If you’re not where you want to be in life, it might be time to inventory your digital distractions. Your dissatisfaction might be in direct proportion to how many apps you have…


My wife and I just finished binge watching season 2 of The Walking Dead.  I might be biased because I’ve always liked zombie flicks, but if you haven’t seen The Walking Dead, its really good.  

How to Play The Walking Dead Theme for classical guitar

The intro music is a quick progression of minor arpeggios.  The Walking Dead theme is tuned

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2 Responses to “The Walking Dead theme | fingerstyle guitar”

  1. Daniel

    03. Oct, 2012

    Hahaha … nice post. That quote actually made me laugh here. But it’s so true. I have to admit, I don’t have an iPhone or anything like that. I have about 30 colors on my display and I can text and call with it that’s about it! So when I’m walking around outside it’s really like walking through a huge zombie crowd, everybody’s scrolling and doing I don’t know what on their smartphones. It’s interesting because it tries to suggest you that you’re independent once you have a phone like that, and yet you get totally dependent on that little electronic device in your hand. iZombies here we come.
    It’s simply one step in a movement that’s been going on for ages. That is making people believe that what they own and can afford defines them or makes them more or less valuable and THAT is scary…
    Anyway I appreciate you brought this up and thank you for the tabs, I think I’ll use them more for the technical aspect ;)

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    • Evan Handyside

      03. Oct, 2012

      “iZombies”, nice one! Yes, I broke out into a cold sweat yesterday when I though I left my phone at home, so I’m not doing so well with breaking the habit. Whats weird is that I watch movies with my wife while scrolling through IMDB on my phone. She hates that:)

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