My wife and I bought each other NOOK’s (Barnes & Noble’s e-reader) for Christmas last year.  It’s a cool device — but until I received two physical books for Christmas this year — I had no idea how much I missed reading actual books. 

One of the actual books is Meat Eater by Steven Rinella.  Steven writes:

Linguists and anthropologists theorize that complex language evolved for just for this purpose: to coordinate hunting and gathering activities, to categorize and increasingly complex arsenal of hunting tools and weapons, and to convey details about animals and habitat that might be hidden from sight. In short, language came about for the same purposes that I’m engaged in the very moment.

After I read that, and while I was holding Steven’s physical book, I began to think about the beauty of hand-writing the tabs for Intellimusica.  After all, its about authentic communication.

I have long been insecure about my hand-written PDF files.  I know there’s better “whatever” out there, but I do not have the time, after everything else, to commit my self to digitizing my guitar tablature — especially when I can hand-write tab sheets in minutes.

However, I’m beginning to think that hand-writing the tabs (so long as its legible), might actually be the better way. What’s more authentic then receiving the same tab that I would write for any one of my actual students?  And once it’s printed, its literally tangible language.

That being said, I am constantly trying to deliver better looking and more detailed tabs with every post.  I hope you noticed!

How to Play Under a Beating Sun

Despite the relentless finger-picking, the structure of Under a Beating Sun is very simple.  I essentially have two parts: a chorus and a verse.

I wrote the verse as an Ennio Morricone style riff, using a very deliberate and simple A minor, C, D, F, progression. You’ll be using your pinky finger for the hammer-on/pull-off trill on the A minor and D chords. 

Unless you have good finger dexterity, you’ll have to get your left shoulder and elbow in an “underneath” position for the intro/chorus section of Under a Beating Sun.  This low position is the only way (for some) to play totally on their finger-tips and avoid unintentional muting of other strings.

Good luck the tab is available below:

Under a Beating Sun (Tab)

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