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It’s great the Matthew Mcconaughey is finally getting the critical acclaim he has long deserved. The guy is an extraordinary actor — who happened to have long stretch of (good) romantic comedies — before he really turned on the jets with Dallas Buyers Club and True Detective.

A guilty pleasure of mine is Reign of Fire: a post dragon apocalypse movie starring Christian Bale and Matthew Mcconaughey. Mcconaughey is totally committed to this role as an obsessed, tank wielding, American general — hell bent on destroying the mother Dragon at any cost. His character is a demented Mad Max-ian badass.

There’s an urban legend that you’ll commit a sacrilege (and be jinxed) if you turn off the car radio during a Led Zeppelin song. No matter how late you are —¬†you must wait until the Zeppelin song is over. My highschool friends and I adhered to this rule as much as possible, only breaking it when Stairway to Heaven was keeping us from a house party.

My new self imposed old-guy rule is that — I never change the TV channel when I stumble across¬†Reign of Fire. It doesn’t happen often, but when it does, I grab a beer and suspend disbelief for 2 hours of pure joy.

(Note: Far From any Road is my premium material.)

How to play Far From any Road for fingerstyle guitar

True Detective was a slow start for me, but when I got hooked, I was all in. It’s not something I’m conscious of all the time, but the writing and acting in True Detective was amazing (to me). The dynamic and dialogue between Hart and Cohle was always captivating.

My favorite scene is the Tent Revival where (the relentlessly dour) Cohle pontificates to Hart (Woody Harrelson) about his perspective on religious people. Both men provide each side of a theoretical religious debate. [You can watch the scene here, but please note that it’s NSFW due to strong language.]

I have to figure out songs with headphones and my iPhone now — as I’m usually watching our newborn son while he’s sleeping. I find my self playing quietly — enough to soothe him, but not wake him.

I didn’t intentionally set out to do a fingerstyle arrangement of this song. I was using a guitar pick, but I had to play with my fingers instead because the guitar pick was to loud for the baby.

The end result is a unique approach to playing, Far From any Road by The Handsome Family. I feel like it has a Dan Auerbach, Little Black Submarines feel to it.

The guitar tab for Far From any Road is three pages long, and played straight though. At the end, you’ll back up to the first chorus to finish the song (as indicated in the tab). Above each shape, I’ve written the chord name to easier navigate the tab.

Enjoy, the tab is available below:

Far From any Road is played in standard tuning.

Far From any Road for fingerstyle guitar

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