Those Who Wish Me Dead: theme | fingerstyle guitar
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Those Who Wish Me Dead

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Screenwriter/director Taylor Sheridan owns the “modern western’ and I find everything he does to be wildly entertaining. He seems to be the only guy making compelling action films in the great American West. Here’s my favorites in order:

  1. Wind River
  2. Sicario
  3. Hell or High Water
  4. Yellowstone
  5. Sicario 2 (Day of the Soldado)
  6. Those Who Wish Me Dead

‘Those Who Wish Me Dead’ was good action movie and sits around 63% on Rotten Tomatoes. I think that’s a fair score. The story has a Cormac McCarthy feel — as it’s already in motion when the story begins. Your not given a lot of plot exposition — just immersed in the action from the go. This is truly a 90’s style, Friday night, popcorn type of movie.

AND the music by Brian Tyler has a central theme! I feel like modern film has getting away from thematic music with a strong identity. Most movies have soundtracks with indistinguishable melodies. There’s nothing for the viewer’s subconscious to latch onto. Thankfully Taylor Sheridan is throwback filmmaker and composer Brian Tyler wrote an elegant theme that’s played throughout the entire film.

This fingerstyle arrangement is based on: Elegy for a Soul, and Lament from the ‘Those Who Wish Me Dead’ (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack).

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Gear used

For this piece I used my Cordoba C7 guitar. It’s a relatively inexpensive guitar that sounds way above it’s price point.

You can find a current list of my gear here.

How to play Those Who Wish Me Dead | fingerstyle guitar

(Note: this is my premium material.)

The guitar tab for this arrangement is beautifully written across a single page. While relatively easy to play, I still recommend this piece for beginner guitar players and up. Enjoy, the guitar tab is available below:

My order of play looks like this:

Intro, Verse 2x, Verse End 2x

Intro, Verse 2x, Verse End 2x\

Additionally, I’ve given you the chord shapes where applicable in the guitar tab. This will help you learn your chords and help you get into position faster.

Those Who Wish Me Dead is played in an ultra-low tuning (from low to high): C F A# D# G C

Those Who Wish Me Dead: theme | fingerstyle guitar

However, you don’t have to tune that low. One whole step down: D G C F A D, or even standard tuning works just fine. You’ll just have a higher tonality. It will still sound good!


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