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After transcribing Henry Jackman’s Captain America theme, I took a look at a few of my older superhero themes that might be of some interest to you:

The Avengers
Like any artist, I usually look back at my old material and cringe. Not so with The Avengers theme. It’s very dynamic to play, and a free tab. Enjoy!

Iron Man 3
I blow through songs and tabs so fast on this blog that it’s hard for me stop and smell the roses sometimes. Looking back at the The Iron Man 3 theme — it is a great guitar piece that lends itself well to a nylon-string guitar. It actually has an old-west tone to it. ┬áIron man 3 is also a free tab.

Man of Steel
It might be that I’m a Superman fan, but (I think) this is the best arrangement I’ve ever done on Intellimusica period.

(Note: Captain America is my premium material. Please comment to let me know what you think, or if you have any questions.)

How to play Henry Jackman’s Captain America theme from The Winter Soldier original score

I did my best to capture a Man of Steel level arrangement with Captain America. I like the ominous tone of the song in general. It’s the exact opposite of what you’d think a Captain America theme would sound like. The full score actually has a lot of dub-step in it as well.

This arrangement of Captain America is not as easy as it looks. I began the song with 2 measures of the main melody, then I incorporate the bass note along with the main melody. At 0:21 of the video I’m using my thumb to fret the bass note.

I have small hands, but I have been trying to get better at this technique. If you intend to use your thumb and you have smallish hands like me: keep your elbow tight to your body, then slightly raise your elbow and shoulder. This should allow you to pop your thumb over the top of the neck.

Enjoy, the tab is available below:

The tab for Captain America is very clear and easy to read. This song is also tuned from low to high: C F C F G C. I used to stay away from crazy tunings but sometimes you have to experiment to capture what you want. Standard tuning just didn’t give me the right tools to play this song.

Captain America – The Winter Soldier by Henry Jackman

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