The Light Between Oceans: In the Beginning (Sean Redmond) for guitar + TAB

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The Light Between Oceans

I first heard In the Beginning in the trailer for The Light Between Oceans, starring Michael Fassbender. The composer is London based, Sean Redmond: a singer/songwriter turned orchestral composer.

Sean Redmond’s debut 2013 orchestral album, Something More, led him to become a fairly in demand composer.

My guitar is a rare Sadowsky Electric Nylon string guitar. While not a authentic sounding as my Cordoba guitars, the Sadowsky is effortless and fun to play. You can find all of my current gear here.

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How to play, In the Beginning, for classical guitar

In the Beginning is relatively easy to play, as there are no difficult chord shapes. The guitar tab is spacious and beautifully written across 3 pages.

My order of play, in accordance with the guitar tab is: Intro, Verse, Chorus — Verse, End. The guitar tab is available below.

In the Beginning, is played in

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