The Twins (Prague) for classical guitar

While technology in film is often times bedazzling to look at — nothing beats authentic characters.

A friend of mine made the observation that even a good plot can’t beat plain old great actors and well developed characters. When I think about it, some of my favorite movies have nebulous plots but incredible actors: No Country for Old Men, Inside Llewyn Davis, The American, The Shining, etc.

With regard to The Leftovers, think about how minimalist this HBO series really is: just a small town set and a handful of main actors. Compare that to the $6 million-per-episode Game of Thrones. The nebulous plot of The Leftovers is driven almost entirely by the excellent actors and their distinct characters.

Add to this Max Richter’s delicate score, which aside from the opening theme, consists of one song he recorded in 2003: The Twins (Prague).

(Note: The Twins is my premium material.)

How to play Max Richter’s The Twins (Prague) for classical guitar

In the pilot episode of The Leftovers, there was no opening theme song. Rather, it was a battle between two of Max Richter’s songs to capture the theme of The Leftovers: Vladimir’s Blues and The Twins (Prague).

Winner: The Twins.

Vladimir’s Blues was excellent in the pilot and maybe it will be used again. I transcribed that song for guitar as well.

The Twins (Prague) is considered the secondary theme of The Leftovers. On the actual soundtrack, it’s known as The Departure. Whereas the song’s minimalist incarnations are referred to as only Departure.

Typically these long-form TV series will have the opening music theme, and secondary one that’s played within the episodes. In Dexter it was, the Blood Theme. In True Blood it was Hairclip.

[I also have a version of The Leftovers opening theme song.]

Even though I was partial to Vladimir’s Blues, The Twins allows for for more variation. In the case of this post, this version was played at the very end of season one, episode 10. The episode title is The Prodigal Son Returns, and the music is a sparse variation of the original Twins.

The guitar tab for The Twins is comprised of three pages, and clearly written straight through without repeats. I consider this to be a great song for beginner guitar players. I will also post this under my Easiest of Easy to Play category.

Enjoy, the tab is available below:

Max Richter’s The Twins (Prague) is played in standard tuning, with a capo on the 3rd fret. 

Max Richter’s The Twins (Prague) for classical guitar

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