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So far, the most interesting thing about HBO's The Leftovers is the opening title sequence which aired at the beginning of the second episode. It's a dark, hedonistic riff on the Sistine Chapel -- with a fairly compelling theme song by composer, Max Richter.

A couple weeks ago, the trailer for The Leftovers and the pilot episode were using -- to great effect -- Max Richter's Vladimir's Blues from his Blue Notebooks album, and The Twins from his Memoryhouse album.

I'm not an expert, but I hope they reintroduce those two melodies again. The Leftovers is just getting started and is slightly unavailing so far. Vladimir's Blues and The Twins were able to connotate a deeper meaning -- even though the series is just getting started..

[Here's the link for the opening sequence. Warning, it's graphic and not suitable for work. Also, you can find my guitar version of Vladimir's Blues here. It's fun to play, and a free tab.]

(Note: The Leftovers is my premium material.)

How to play Max Richter's The Leftovers theme for classical guitar

The Leftovers Main Title Theme (as we'll call it) was tough to conceptualize on guitar. I tried all sorts of capo positions and alternate tunings. With every arrangement I do, I'm trying to find the easiest way possible to play a particular song. It's just so happens that the easiest way is usually the best sounding as well.  Also, with an easier arrangement, I can concentrate more on my playing dynamics and feeling; slowing parts down, speeding sections up.

Enjoy, the tab is available below.

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