I posted a version of Gustavo Santaolalla’s The Last Of Us theme in January of 2012. At that time, the only thing I had to go on, was an unmixed, un-mastered, and ultimately incomplete “leaked” version of what we now know as The Last Of Us theme song.

I’m very appreciative that people seem to like what I was able to do with it, but I’ve been troubled by some glaring differences between my “leaked” version and the finalized version of The Last Of Us Theme.

With The Last Of Us ‘Reprise’, I’ve established a complete version for guitar, based entirely from the finalized theme.  It’s a slightly nuanced, more complex version that builds upon the original theme I posted in 2012.  

As a huge Gustavo Santaolalla fan, The Last Of Us soundtrack/score has been an absolute pleasure to transcribe. Here are my favorites in order:

1) The Choice

2) The Menu Theme

3) Vanishing Grace 

4) The Quarantine Zone

5) The Last Of Us (You and Me)

6) Home

7) The Path

8) All Gone (Aftermath) 

9) The Last Of Us Theme (2012) 

I’m not a gamer, so my favorites are based on pure musicality. However, actually playing The Last Of Us, might alter which songs are more meaningful to you. I’ve heard it’s an emotional experience.

How to Play The Last Of Us ‘Reprise’ — The (Complete) Theme For Guitar

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I would try the 2012 version first, if you haven’t already.  The tab is free, and it’s a great way to establish a baseline of your ability to play this specific song.  From there, use the The Last Of Us Practice Sheet. It’s important to not skip around and play through it page by page.

Good luck! The tab is available below:

The Last Of Us Reprise (Tab)


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