The Last Of Us Volume 2: How to Play — Left Behind (Together) by Gustavo Santaolalla

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The Last of Us

“Be faithful to that which exists nowhere but in yourself- and thus make yourself indispensable.”
― André Gide

Your specialty is the first ingredient

Far be it from me to discourage you from living your desired purpose, but perhaps “your purpose” is that thing you’re already good at? You know, that thing that just comes naturally to you. That thing that other people already tell you, you’re good at.

When I write a personal development post and encourage you to leave the 9-5 world of working for other people, that is not the time to wonder about all the possibilities for your life: Maybe I’ll be a scuba diver, or a photographer? I know! I’ll be an underwater photographer!

I think it’s healthy to dream big, but you have to learn how to be and underwater photographer (which might take years) before you can be a successful underwater photographer — of which the only ingredient at that point, is hard work.

A better plan is to identify what you’re good at (or have the potential to be really good at) very quickly. This makes you a specialist. And the very nature of the word implies that you are special.

If you don’t specialize at something — anything in this world — you are essentially a cowboy without a horse. Your specialty is the key to unlocking the flee-lance world of working for yourself, and immediate income on your terms.

It’s not always free-lance either.  I have a friend who we’ll call Ryan.  Ryan is the flightiest, laziest human on earth — and he could care less. I envy him. He has a job in computer software – where he shows up, does what he needs to do, then screws around on YouTube or whatever else for the remainder of the work day.

A few years ago, Ryan discovered he had a knack for a certain function in his company that was difficult for others to do, and therefor, no one wanted to do it. Ryan, who is perpetually 15 minutes late and first to leave everything, exploited this function to his benefit. Now, Ryan is the go-to guy in the company, and he largely calls his own shots. Our last conversation went like this:

Me: Hey man whats up?

Ryan: Nothing, just got back from London.  We were launching a new system there and they wanted someone from the company “on site.” 

Me: Cool, what’s London like?

Ryan: Who cares dude! I got to fly first class, and stay in posh hotel — all on my companies dime — for about 10 minutes of work!

Me: So you did, or did not see London?

Ryan: Hey man, I gotta go. I’m about to catch a flight to Berlin.  We’re doing an install at a BMW plant.


Ryan loves German cars — so it’s no doubt he “selected” that job for himself. The moral of our story is: whether you sell your specialty as a free-lancer like me — or you lynch-pin yourself into an organization like Ryan — your specialty is the first ingredient.

How to Play Left Behind (Together) by Gustavo Santaolalla, from The Last Of Us: Volume 2

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I hate finger picking on steel string guitars.  It’s way more natural on classical guitars, and I think it sounds better too. Never the less, Left Behind (Together) is played on a regular acoustic guitar, so that’s what I did. I can’t help but think this would have sounded even better on a classical though.

The original piece from The Last Of Us: Volume 2 is loosely played — so I added a structure to it to save me from writing a 4 page tab.  Left Behind (Together) is for intermediate to advanced guitar players and the tab is short and simple. The scheme is Intro, Verse, Chorus — Intro, Verse, Chorus — Verse, End.

Please look to Left Behind for something easier to play, if you’re a beginner guitar player. Left Behind (Together) is played in

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  1. Eren

    15. Feb, 2014

    fantastic work man, really impressed, I’m a big fan of the game myself, and the left behind song is really awesome, i was searching for the tabs myself but i couldnt find any other than your chord sheet, but i prefer this version better due to it begin more, emotion and peaceful, will you be preparing a tab sheet for the left behind (together) version?
    if you are, that will fantastic, other than that amazing video, keep up the excellent work, i love your videos, they are amazing

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