The Last Of Us Volume 2: How to Play — Left Behind by Gustavo Santaolalla

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The Last of Us

The Last Of Us music has yet another life with Volume 2. I’m not familiar with the game, but I remember an interview with Gustavo Santaolalla where he explained the music was interactive — in that, different boards unlock different elements of the music. So I knew there had to be more music somewhere!

I’m happy to transcribe Left Behind for a couple reasons: I get to use my Taylor GS Mini, and I get to put some free material out there. The latter is very important to me because I enjoy it.

I get that a lot of The Last Of Us fans are children and adolescents who are unable to access my premium content. So long as I spend no-time on something, and the transcription is not that unique — I’m happy put it under my free tabs archive.

The free tab archive is a great place for beginner guitarists too — as most of the stuff in there was easy to transcribe, and thus, very easy to play.

How to play Left Behind from The Last Of Us score Volume 2 

Left Behind, is ‘just what the doctor ordered’ this week. My teaching schedule has been insane, and I needed something quick and easy for this week’s post.

I started Intellimusica in 2011 so that one day, with any luck, I could work less and blog more. Not so. If anything, Intellimusica has created even more demand within my physical teaching job. This is why every professional person should have a regularly updated blog. Want clients? Start a blog.

Left behind is in standard tuning, and strummed with a pick. Although it’s relatively simple to play for intermediate guitar players, the beauty of Left Behind is in it’s execution. The strumming is deep and passionate. 

If you’re interested, I use Dunlop yellow guitar picks, which I’ve vetted over 20 years as the best possible guitar pick for every free-living human being on earth. My guitar is a Taylor GS Mini Mahogany with Elixir ‘poly-web’ light gauge strings.

Even though I’m 6′ tall, I’m a huge fan of smaller bodied guitars.  I hate wrestling my arm over-top of a huge acoustic guitar.  I generally favor the smallest guitar with the biggest sound. That’s why I play Cordoba guitars, and that is specifically why my regular teaching guitar is a Taylor GS Mini. All of my personal gear is here — and these are my ‘student’ gear recommendations.

The tab is divided between Part A and Part B.  Part A is played twice, and Part B is played once — with and E minor chord to finish the song.

My own shorthand for strumming is a (….) after each chord. I’ll use a (..) to indicate that a particular chord is played 1/2 the length of time. It seems rudimentary, but my (….) symbol is really easy to grasp. I shy away from showing you the actual strumming because you should just feel it, and not to think about it.

Enjoy, the tab is available below:

Left Behind by Gustavo Santaolalla

Please comment to let me know what you think or if you have any questions.

4 Responses to “The Last Of Us Volume 2: How to Play — Left Behind by Gustavo Santaolalla”

  1. Matt

    12. Feb, 2014

    I was extremely excited to see volume 2 both being a fan of the game and Mr Santaolalla, excellent job! Hope to see more from it.

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  2. Eivind (norway)

    09. Jan, 2015

    I love this song, one of the best on the soundtrack. You did an exelent job on this! I have learned some of the others of Santaolalla, and from you i have learned so much. I don’t know if you do requests, but i have one “un amico”- Ennio Morricone one of my absolute favorites

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    • Evan Handyside

      11. Jan, 2015

      Thanks for commenting Eivind. I’ll check it out. I can’t make any promises, but I appreciate your message:) I am a fan of Ennio Morricone so maybe I’ll get to it. -Evan

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  3. Eivind (norway)

    11. Jan, 2015

    Thanks for the reply, it makes me happy that you care about your subscribers. Thank you again and just ceep doing what your doing

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