I sort-of created my own style for nylon string guitar.  I don’t have long fingernails (creepy), and I’ve never really learned the different right hand techniques.  For that matter, I can play a little bit of Cannon In D, and Fur Elise — but that’s the extent of my classical chops.

I’ve played guitar and bass for 23 years, but I’ve only messed around with classical guitar since about 2006.  I just liked the sound of nylon string guitars, and I thought they might have an interesting application to modern instrumental music, like film scores.

During the first year or so of blogging, I was totally insecure about my lack of experience with this particular instrument.  I felt as though I had no business playing a classical guitar, much less teaching it to a bunch of anonymous people all over the world.

Now, I totally embrace my outsider status, and my philosophy has become: the simpler, the better.

As I continue to plow through the The Last Of Us score, The Path (A New Beginning), was an opportunity to create an all-in-one arrangement for a song with multiple guitar parts.

My process begins with a draft, then a rewrite (in pencil), then I edit the rewrite, after playing through it a few times.  I try to eliminate any and all extemporaneous stuff.  A song like The Choice is a little different.  The tab is the actual guitar part, and I have no influence over the outcome.  It is what it is.

That’s precisely why my favorite thing, is to learn orchestral stuff where I’m actually creating a guitar part.  In that case, I’m essentially looking a the instrument like a blank canvas, and I begin every idea in total wonder. 

My short-hand guitar style is reflected in The Path (A New Beginning).  I typically strum with my thumb, and sometimes a pluck through the chord — a style that I lifted from Gustavo Santaolalla after transcribing Secreto en la Montana.  

I guess my point is: that maybe your personal guitar style, is all that really matters.  It’s OK to be a weird mash-up of your influences, and that’s truly how the instrument advances.

My advice with your guitar playing is to STOP playing anything that’s not working.  Focus on becoming even better at what does work — and by focusing on your strengths — you’ll develop your personal guitar style.  

How to play The Path (A New Beginning)

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Even though The Path (A New Beginning) is not for beginner guitarists, I’ve done my best to simplify the arrangement. The intro provides the foundation of the rest of the song: a chord shape, then melody.  It’s not to hard if you’re patient, and are adept at bar chords.  

 The tab is available below:

The Path (A New Beginning) is played in standard tuning. 

The Path (A New Beginning) Tab


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