I am not a great guitar player; I’m merely a good guitar player. I would only consider myself “great” at transcribing and arranging music for the guitar — but only within my capacity to do so.

For the most part, I’m a musician who happens to play guitar.  And for that matter, there might be amazing guitarists who aren’t really musicians either.

A musician is defined (by Google) as: A person who is talented or skilled in music.  That is an ambiguous, and totally subjective definition.

I would go further and define a musician as: A person who demonstrates artistry with music.  That “artistry” can come in any form.  I consider music critics, music bloggers, and punk rockers all musicians — in my sense of the word.

There are many great, virtuoso guitar players that demonstrate superior “instrument athleticism” rather than musicianship.  I’m not diminishing that either.  It’s fun to watch virtuoso guitar players to their thing. However, playing scales and arpeggios at break neck speed is not artistry; it’s ego.

(Note: The only caveat are blues guitarists like Stevie Ray Vaughn, Eric Clapton, Jimi Hendrix, John Mayer, etc. Certain blues guitarists have ridicules chops, but they play in the manner of a Quija board channeling spirits.  On a visceral level, there’s really no difference between Trent Reznor pounding on a keyboard, and SRV bending a single note into oblivion.  They’re both out-of-body experiences.)

The point is: it’s okay to be okay at playing guitar — so long as you can play what you want to play, and do what you want to do.  It’s far more important to be a great musician than a great guitarist.  Find your identity, be original, express emotion, and be an artist with your instrument.  

How to Play All Gone (Aftermath) by Gustavo Santaolalla

All Gone (Aftermath) is played in standard tuning.  It’s quick and easy to play — and a great riff for beginner guitarists. I’ve divided the tab by chord position.  Have fun, the tab is available below:

All Gone — Aftermath (Tab)

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