The Girl on the Train: closing theme for classical guitar + TAB

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The Girl on the Train

I haven’t had the chance to see The Girl on the Train yet, but the trailer reminds me of David Fincher’s Gone Girl. So, not surprisingly, I’m very excited to see this movie.

If you’re a long time reader, you may have noticed a couple of changes to this blog. First, all of my original music is available on SoundCloud as a free (high quality) download. I may continue to release music on iTunes, Spotify, etc. However, right now it’s so easy for me to record and master a digital track — that releasing my material for free on SoundCloud just makes sense.

SoundCloud has an additional benefit of my music remaining “unpublished” in a formal sense. My objective is to get my music into film, and production companies require unpublished songs.

Secondly, I’m now using Vimeo as the video player for this blog. Google (who owns YouTube), assigns emerging YouTube creators a representative. My representative strongly urged me to run ads on my YouTube channel. Although she didn’t say this, I inferred from her that YouTube search results must favor those videos that run ads.

I’m using the Vimeo player, so that YouTube ads no longer disrupt your experience if you’re watching on this blog. 

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How to play Resolution / The Girl on the Train – Main Titles for classical guitar

This song is at the very end of Danny Elfman’s score The Girl on the Train. It’s titled, Resolution / The Girl on the Train – Main Titles.

Although Resolution looks easy to play, there’s a fair amount of agility required to jump all over the neck of the guitar. This song is better suited to intermediate guitar players.

The guitar tab for Resolution is beautifully written and two pages long. You’ll play the tab straight through, taking care to repeat the sections within the |: repeat brackets :|

Enjoy, the guitar tab is available below.  Resolution / The Girl on the Train – Main Titles is

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