The Dark Knight Rises

After watching Interstellar again, I’m reminded of just how powerful the nexus of Christopher Nolan and Hans Zimmer really is.The movies and music are inextricably linked.

The Dark Knight Rises was filmed in Pittsburgh (where I’m from) and you could literally go to the city and watch the movie being filmed. I’ve played On Thin Ice from the Dark Knight Rises, but I wanted to revisit the score because, well, I’m just totally geeked out on Hans Zimmer and Christopher Nolan again.

I chose Why Do We Fall? because it’s more of the central theme from The Dark Knight Rises. At the time, I couldn’t envision it on guitar. However, being a few years removed allowed me to look at from a different angle.

I would encourage you to look at my Hans Zimmer archive, as they’re some of my best guitar tabs. Here’s my favorites from the Christopher Nolan/Hans Zimmer collaboration:

Interstellar: First Step (free tab)

The Dark Knight Rises: On Thin Ice

Man of Steel theme (Nolan produced)

Inception: Time (free tab)

Sorry for the brevity of my recent posts. We just had a baby, and I have to work quick!

(Note: Why Do We Fall? is my premium material.)

How to play Why Do We Fall? by Hans Zimmer for guitar

Why Do We Fall? is a straightforward guitar tab comprised of 3 pages. It’s beautifully written too. I take great pride in the simplicity and clarity of my guitar tablature. The idea is for you to look at the tab, correlate it with what you see in the video, and make it work.

Although, most of Why Do We Fall? is easy to play, there’s a complex bridge part that makes this song better suited for intermediate guitarists, or beginners who want a minor challenge.

Enjoy, the tab is available below:

Why Do We Fall? is tuned one whole step down. Your tuning will look like this, from low to high: D G C F A D.

Why Do We Fall? for guitar

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