Gustavo Santaolalla

Calling all beginner and intermediate guitar players: you want to play this.

Often times, there’s a single piece of music that can pay huge dividends across the rest of your guitar playing. Everything you learn is a stepping stone to the next. However, some songs are catapults.

Gustavo Santaolalla’s rendition of Can’t Help Falling In Love With You, is such a song.

How to play Can’t Help Falling In Love With You by Gustavo Santaolalla

The hardest thing for beginner and intermediate guitar players are bar chords, and the fluent transition thereof. Rather than practice random chord progressions, it helps to learn hard things in the context of real world guitar playing, i.e., a song.

In a nutshell, this song is a bevy of different chords shapes, with a totally fluid, and absolutely seamless transition. You don’t have to be the best guitar player in the world to play it, but you do have to be a solid guitarist. That’s why its very important for you to learn this riff.

Can’t Help Falling In Love With You, has just the right mix of bar and open chord shapes. While this will be complicated for beginners, the song’s short duration makes less daunting to play.

I’ve included the chord names above the shapes as well. I’m not a big fan of memorizing chord names, but I like to include basic chord names when I can. The frequent exposure to chord names helps my students learn gradually, over time, without much effort.

Can’t Help Falling In Love has the potential greatly increase your skill and capacity as a guitarist. I hope you give it a try. The guitar tab is available below

Can’t Help Falling In Love With You

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