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Steven Price is young (39, my age) to be one of the top film composers in the world. He’s already won an oscar for his work in Gravity.

He has a distinct sound too – much like Hans Zimmer or Tom Holkenborg. There’s something about his chord progressions that are uniquely, Steven Price.

You can find all of my Steven Price arrangements here. The tense buildup of Gravity — and the melancholy Norman (theme from Fury).

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How to play, One Bullet Is All I Need, for classical guitar

Suicide Squad is the second pairing of director David Ayer, and composer Steven Price. Steven Price also scored David Ayer’s WWII tank drama, Fury, starring Brad Pitt.  

I scoured the Suicide Squad score for just the right song that really exemplifies Steven Price’s style. One Bullet Is All I Need is definitely the one.

The guitar tab is 3 pages long, and played literally straight through. The only repeats are the intro riff. I like this song as a learning exercise because you’ll have to keep your thumb driving the bass line for most of the song. I recommend One Bullet Is All I Need for intermediate guitar players.

Enjoy, the guitar tab is available below:

This song is tuned down one whole step. Then your 6th string is dropped to C. Your tuning will be as follows from low to high: C G C F A D

One Bullet Is All I Need for classical guitar

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