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Starry Night

Very rarely do I pick up the guitar and gain inspiration out of thin air. I need an image or thought (unrelated to music) to jump start my creativity.

Sometimes, while I’m researching content for this blog, I’ll watch a movie trailer (on mute) and let musical inspiration flood my senses. For Starry Night, I watched the trailer for the new Academy Award nominated film, Call Me By Your Name.

You can watch the trailer here. Be sure mute the video in the play bar, and let the Starry Night video play above. As you watch the trailer and listen to Starry Night, you’ll be able to make the connection between the imagery and my music.

Starry Night is available as free download on SoundCloud.

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Gear Used

For Starry Night, I used my Cordoba GK Studio guitar. This is my best sounding and most versatile guitar. Although it’s equipped with a fishman pickup and tuner, I never use it. The GK Studio sounds much better played acoustically and recorded with a microphone pointing at the sound hole.

I also use a high-end G7th Classical capo. This capo is stainless steel and the tightening mechanism allows you to get the exact amount of pressure on the strings. Imperative for classical nylon string guitars.

My strings are Savarez Red Card. To me, nothing come close to their tone and playability. The treble strings have rectified nylon that gives a sensation of grip to my right hand fingertips. (I don’t play with fingernails.)

For a current list of my gear, click here.

How to play Starry Night, by Evan Handyside, for guitar

I would consider Starry Night to be relatively easy to play. The entire verse oscillates between a C and E minor chord shapes. The chorus sections are merely two-note intervals.

My guitar tab is beautifully written across two pages. My order of play looks like this, in accordance with the guitar tab: Verse, Chorus 1 — Verse, Chorus 2 — Verse Chorus 2 – Verse.

Enjoy, the guitar tab is available below. Starry Night is played in standard tuning with your capo on the 5th fret:

Starry Night – Evan Handyside


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