The Intellimusica Spotify Playlist: Ethereal & Cinematic Music
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I made the switch from Apple Music to Spotify over a year ago, and I could be happier. Their machine learning for music lovers, and interface for music artists, is second to none. While my music is available on all streaming services — I’m personally all in on Spotify.

As I’m curating and collecting songs for this blog — I’ve always added them to personal Spotify playlist. I listen to this playlist constantly, and it occurred to me to make this a public playlist. Behold:

The Intellimusica Spotify Playlist: Ethereal and Cinematic Music
Relaxing music that elicits the emotional, captivating quality of cinema.

The music that truly moves our spirit is cinematic in nature; sweeping and overwhelming with emotion. This could be an actual film score, a Radiohead song, or a post-classical piece from the late, Jóhann Jóhannsson.

The Ethereal & Cinematic Music playlist combines: film music, art-rock, dream-pop, and post-classical music to create an linear soundscape. This “bitter sweet” collection of songs provides an opportunity for indulgent self-reflection.

In addition, I’ve added some selections of my personal music to the playlist. The usual suspects like, Hans Zimmer and Gustavo Santaolalla are also included. Each week I’ll be updating it with new songs and artists that seamlessly fit the ethos of Ethereal & Cinematic Music.

These are all songs that I’ve performed (or intend to perform) on the blog.

Thanks for reading, and listening!

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