Martin Scorsese’s Silence (2016): Dreams and Echoes for guitar + TAB

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There’s a subtle celtic theme that runs through the ambient/drone score of Silence. The theme is most noticeable on the tracks: Rain Falls Unceasingly on the Sea, Dreams and Echoes, and Only God Can Answer

The score for Silence is by composer, Kim Allen Kluge and his wife Kathryn Kluge.

Irrespective of guitar playing, or taste in music, the score for Silence stands on it’s own as an ambient, relaxing, and meditative experience.

Silence tells the story of two Christian missionaries who face the ultimate test of faith when they travel to Japan in search of their missing mentor at a time when Christianity was outlawed and their presence forbidden.

Although visually beautiful, Silence has received lukewarm reviews because of the film’s duration — even citing that it was “boring” at times.

I haven’t yet seen Silence, but those reviews are exactly why I want to see it and luxuriate in the visuals, the stillness, and the silence. God forbid (no pun intended) that we’re left for a moment of contemplation during a movie.

Martin Scorsese stayed close to Shusaku Endo’s 1966 acclaimed novel, the source material for the movie. This has been his passion project for the past 28 years. Sometimes an artist’s vision is beyond what a critic is willing to comprehend — especially with the instant gratification of recent times. I would always like to see the film as intended — rather than a tidy version designed for mass appeal.

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How to play Dreams and Echoes for classical guitar

The guitar tab for Dreams and Echoes is a single page long. Essentially, the piece (for guitar) is a single passage played twice through.

I would reccomend Dreams and Echoes for beginner and intermediate guitar players. The chord shapes are easy with a couple intermittent trills (hammer-on, pull offs). Enjoy, the guitar tab is available below.

Dreams and Echoes is played in

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