I really dig R & B fingerstyle guitar playing. One of my favorite performances is John Mayer playing Human Nature at the Michael jackson memorial.

I had the occasion to hang out with Mayer in 2001. His first album had just been released and my band briefly shared booking managment with his. We opened for him at West Virginia University, and he was gracious enough to invite my band on his bus for a drink afterward. We reminded him of Jeff Buckley and he wanted to talk about his music with us.

(Note: Crazy is my premium material.)

How to play Crazy for classical guitar

Seal has always been one of my favorite artists, and Crazy was an opportunity for me to try some rhythmic R & B finger-style guitar. I favor easy chord shapes that make use of normal open notes. Also, I try to create the rhythm from the finger-style pattern itself — and the use of space. I’m a blues guitarist at heart, and that vibe is what I try to bring to all of my arrangements.

The guitar tab for Crazy is 2 pages long — which is fairly short given the complexity.  In accordance with the guitar tab, the order of play for Crazy is as follows: Intro, Verse 2x, Chorus, Chorus End — Verse 2x, Chorus 3x, Chorus End, End.

Seal’s Crazy for classical guitar — should be for intermediate guitar players and up — but the chord shapes are so easy that I’m recommending it for beginners too. Additionally I’ll archive it in the Easy to Play category.

Enjoy! the guitar tab is available below:

Crazy is played in standard tuning.

Crazy for classical guitar

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