Ron Howard's Rush

The Hard Way

The previous secondary title of this post was (and How To Get 1000 Views On YouTube In 72 Hours). Not only was this a dumb post, but almost as soon as I wrote it, every scheme I had used to rank one of my videos proved not to work, as my video fell from ranking after I had stopped paying for for views through Google AdSense.

And what did I get for my efforts? A “matched third party content” label from YouTube which means they’ve taken over the video, and forcibly placed their advertisements on the video.  I never run adds on my videos, as they hurt the user experience, and generally look horrible. 

The reason for the scheme and the subsequent post, was that I had just been down a 2 week rabbit hole of researching SEO (search engine optimization), or as I now call it, fools gold for bloggers.

I had always payed attention to SEO’s best practices, but the short of it is: good content and timely material that people like, will always beat any scheme to drive traffic to your blog.

As it turns out, you really can’t outsmart Google — especially not a guitar teacher from Pittsburgh.

Learning To Shrug

Being a blogger is tough business, in the respect that your audience is here one day — and gone the next.  In an effort to combat spammers (and schemers), Google will alter their algorithm every few months to improve “search” for it’s users. These alterations typically hit bloggers inadvertently, and we see wild fluctuations in traffic.  Usually, your traffic is cut in half and it takes a couple months to recover.

But the thing is — and it’s easy to forget — I   always   eventually   recover. And isn’t that true in almost every aspect of life?

Whenever we are stressed, it is hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel.  In my case, it sent me down into the soulless world of SEO, rather than focusing on what makes me happy, and what makes Intellimusica great: the music and the tabs.

If you’re an artist, photographer, musician, or creator — Derek Sivers, founder of CDBaby, has an excellent book called Anything You Want.  He’s not a business person, just a creator like we are.  His book is very short, thoughtful, and I credit it  for returning my focus to what matters most. 

“You’re lucky to own your own business. Life is good.

You can’t prevent bad things from happening. Learn to shrug.”

-Derek Sivers, Anything You Want

How to Play Hans Zimmer’s Rush (2013) Theme for Classical Guitar

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I’m really excited at the opportunity to arrange yet another Hans Zimmer theme.  His music really challenges me, as none of it, upon the first listen, seems easily adaptable to the guitar.  I believe my Hans Zimmer arrangements are the best work I have done on Intellimusica. Here are my favorites in order:

1) Man Of Steel Theme

2) Time (Inception, 12 Years A Slave)

3) On Thin Ice (The Dark Knight Rises)

4) Rush (2013) Theme

I’m referring to this as the Rush “theme” because it is the reoccurring melody, or motif throughout the film.  If you were to browse the Rush soundtrack, this theme is under the titles 1976, and Lost but Won.

I consider Rush easy to play because of it’s short duration.  If you’re a beginner guitar player, please consider giving this a try. The Rush theme is so short, that it won’t seem daunting at all. 

Enjoy, the guitar tab is available below:

Rush is played one whole step down, from low to high: D G C F A D.  I’ve divided the tab into the main chord positions, and the tab is very simple to read and comprehend.

Theme from Rush (Tab)


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