images (3)Guitar does not have to be difficult to be worthwhile, and one of my personal missions is to dispel any notion to the contrary through my videos and tabs.

I wholeheartedly believe Robyn’s Dancing On My Own is one of my best, and most expressive transcriptions — yet it’s one of the easiest to play, as barely bothered to leave the first three frets.

It is only through simplicity that you can express an idea AND have your audience comprehend and interpret that idea.  That’s why ‘slow hand’ himself: Eric Clapton, is still one the most relevant guitarists today — captivating any audience with only chair and a Martin acoustic.

With the case of Dancing On My Own, the song itself is pretty straight forward with hardly more than a beat, bass line, and vocal melody.  It perfectly lent itself to a solo guitar interpretation, and the song almost transcribed itself once I figured out the tuning position.

Dancing On My Own is easy to play and a perfect song for beginner and intermediate guitarists, as their are no difficult chord positions or finger picking techniques whatsoever — yet it sounds sophisticated, and would seem out of reach for a novice level guitarist.

(Note: Dancing On My Own is my premium content.)

How to Play Robyn’s Dancing On My Own for classical guitar

These are very easy chord positions, and if you can play Wonderwall by Oasis, you can play this.  I use my second finger of my picking hand to swipe the high strings, verse plucking them.  This is easier to do, and it also has a gentle strumming tone to it.  

Good luck, the tab is available below:

Dancing On My Own is tuned one 1/2 step down (from standard E,A,D,G,B,E) tuning.

Dancing On My Own (Tab)


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