Risen: closing theme | fingerstyle guitar

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Roque Baños

My late father was in the seminary when he met my mother, while working part-time in a department store in downtown Pittsburgh. Needless to say we grew up very, very Catholic.

My dad was only 41 when he passed away of a heart attack in 1991. As I approach my 40’s (I’m 38) I find myself thinking about what he might of been thinking, a lot. I only knew my father till I was 14, so I never benefited from his direct guidance into my adulthood (and now fatherhood).

However, against my mom’s wishes at the time, he bought me a guitar only a couple of months before he passed away. My mother was adamantly against the idea of me playing guitar. In her defense, my school grades had been poor, and up until then, I had aimlessly gone from one fascination to the next, never committing myself to anything.

My dad deeply respected my mother and always deferred to her during a disagreement. The fact that he bought me a guitar anyway, was monumental in my house. He had been searching for something that would capture my interest, give me identity, and passion. In this sense, he’s been guiding my life ever since.

How to play the closing theme of Risen for classical guitar

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Roque Baños is becoming one of my favorite composers. I believe he possesses a similar pop sensibility to Hans Zimmer, and that makes his music far more accessible. I’ve also arranged his theme for In the Heart of the Sea which is quite beautiful.

I’ll Never Be The Same is the title of the closing theme from Risen. It has a very eastern quality to it, and it was fun to decipher for a single guitar arrangement. The guitar tab is two pages long and I play the ‘main’ section twice.

I recommend this song for intermediate guitar players and up. Enjoy, the guitar tab is available below:

I’ll Never Be The Same is played in

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