Radiohead: Spectre for classical guitar

With regard to this discarded jewel of a Radiohead song. My thinking has become clearer in the past few days, since it’s Christmas release.

The movie SPECTRE is not that great. The first hour is phenomenal, but the third act is confusing, shoddy, and perfunctory. As a massive Bond fan, I was disappointed.

The script had been leaked (during the filming) in the Sony hack which revealed that studio executives thought exactly the same thing. Rewrites were happening even as the filming and logistics of the $300,000,000 dollar movie was underway. 

Daniel Craig’s behavior after the filming, was that of man who had worked way too long on an otherwise lame movie. His press tour began by him stating that he’d never play Bond again, exclaiming that he’d rather “slash his wrists.” This was followed immediately by Idris Elba being rumored to be the next James Bond.

Not the way things should go the week before SPECTRE’s European release. By the time I saw the film, I was mildly depressed before I even saw the first scene.

[Like I mentioned, the first half of the movie is phenomenal. Although, you could actually skip SPECTRE all together and watch Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation. They literally have the same plot and Rogue nation is a far better movie in the espionage/action genre.]

Given this back story, Radiohead’s Spectre is too good a song to be attached to this disjointed and disappointing movie. Sam Smith’s Writing’s on the Wall, which I also covered, is a fine song that most likely gave SPECTRE some much needed broader appeal.

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(Note: Spectre is my premium material)

How to play Radiohead’s Spectre for classical guitar

This is the best Radiohead song since anything from their 2007 album In Rainbows. I can’t help but wonder about a scenario in which the SPECTRE script had been properly written/executed — and Radiohead’s alluring theme song had been used in the opening credit sequence.

The guitar tab for Spectre is only two pages long. and probably better suited to intermediate guitar players and up. In accordance with the guitar tab, my order of play looks like this: Intro, Verse #1, Chorus 2x — Verse #2, Chorus 4x — Bridge (the entire second page) Verse #2, Chorus 4x.

Enjoy, the guitar tab is available below:

Radiohead’s Spectre for classical guitar

Spectre is played in standard tuning.

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