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Radiohead-The-BendsAs you can probably tell, I am on a Radiohead bender — and I’m almost ashamed that I haven’t explored solo-guitar interpretations/arrangements of their music until now.

Not to belabor the blog thing, but if you want to be successful, their are certain things you have to do: know your skill set, stay with your niche, create evergreen material (staying power), post regularly, and above all — be first.

It works, and it will also suck out your soul.  

A few nights ago, I was teaching a buddy of mine, who’s a HUGE Radiohead fan.  While we learned Lucky from OK Computer, I kept thinking about how much Radiohead influenced me in my formative years.  

I spent nearly 10 years in the Pittsburgh based rock band New Invisible Joy (I’m the skinny guy playing bass in the background, slightly more hair).  Radiohead, The Verve, U2, etc, were the main drivers of every guy in the band.  I even went to an Alanis Morissette concert in the mid 90’s just to see Radiohead open the show.  Radiohead played almost every song from The Bends + Creep and they seemed surprisingly happy to play to the gigantic American crowd — even if it was opening for Alanis Morrissette.  A few years later, I saw them on the OK Computer tour at a mid-size club in Pittsburgh (actually the same stage I’m playing on in the video).  By this time Thom Yorke had become the cranky old fart we know and love.  He repeatedly scolded the audience for “moshing” and requesting Creep.

As I dive back into Radiohead’s catalogue from the perspective of a nylon-string guitar, I am rediscovering the adventure of their music, and the most important rule of blogging: write what you’re passionate about.

How to Play Radiohead’s High and Dry for classical guitar

High and Dry is played in

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