To me, it’s all about my filmography, and I want to go out with a terrific filmography.”

-Quentin Tarantino, during a recent interview where he admitted that Death Proof wasn’t worthy of his filmography.

As I put together Johann Johannsson’s Through Falling Snow (Prisoners) for classical guitar, I did ask myself if this was a worthy addition to my catalog. As my thinking, writing, and guitar playing continues a process of refinement — I’m becoming more and more cognizant my principles and values.

So what do I value? Minimalism and more importantly: flow. This was not always the case, as my first Johannsson arrangement, was forced an disjointed.  There is plenty of material on this blog, that I would do either differently, or not at all.

It’s hard to pinpoint what constitutes flow. I guess it’s the ease at which I can arrange the song with a certain tuning or capo sweet spot.  Additionally, the play-ability must have a theme or concept.  As with the case of Through Falling Snow, there’s one definitive technique to playing the whole thing.

I think it’s normal for artists and creators to look back at their previous work and cringe — but to Tarantino’s point — I don’t want to look back and cringe anymore.  From here on out, flow.

How to Play Through Falling Snow for Classical Guitar

Through Falling Snow (Prisoners) is played in standard tuning.  It’s one of the easier songs I’ve done on this blog, and its a perfect song for beginner guitar players.  Enjoy, the tab is available below:

Through Falling Snow (Tab)

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