“Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter, and those who matter don’t mind.”
― Bernard M. Baruch

About a month ago Anthony Bourdain was on The Nerdist podcast. After two hours of his interesting travel stories and funny life anecdotes, host Chris Hardwick mentioned: I never even asked why you’re here! Is anything going on; do you have anything to promote?

Solidifying his coolness, Bourdain said, “Nope, just here hanging out.” [Even though he has a new season of CNN’s Parts Unknown, and a myriad of other projects he could have promoted to a million people in one sentence.]

Author and Rolling Stone interviewer, Neil Strauss, refers to this as: representing yourself, rather than selling yourself

You might look at a confident, successful person and think: they’re great at office politics, self-promotion, playing the game, etc. However, maybe they’re just cool and confident — and other people assume their work is as good as their personality?

Whether you’re an artist, business person, or even on a first date — your personal quality is highly representative of your work’s quality. Self-promotion should be avoided in favor of just being yourself. If they’re interested, the people (that matter) know how to find you.

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How to play Phantogram’s Fall in Love for classical guitar

Electronic-rock songs seem to happen the same way on my guitar. I feel like Fall in Love is remarkably similar to my arrangements of You Make Me Feel and Teardrop.

Fall in Love (for classical guitar) was a little weird to pull off, and I’m still not confident in the outcome. This entire month has been full of personal and work distractions that have taken me away from what I like to do the most: create arrangements and write blog posts. I literally pieced together (and practiced) Fall in Love over the span of 7 days when I could squeeze in the time.

The guitar tab is very concise for what looks like a complicated song. It’s only spread across two pages, as I made good use of the |:repeat signs:|

My order of play looks like this: Intro A, Intro B, Verse, Pre-chorus, Chorus — Intro A, Verse, Pre-chorus, Chorus, Outro. All of which are clearly marked in the tab.

My outro for Fall in Love is the bridge part of the actual song. In this case I thought it served as a good ending to a singular guitar piece.

As I’ve mentioned before in other posts, I tend to articulate the chords by plucking through them with my thumb, 1st, 2nd, and 3rd fingers. You could just as easily strum with your thumb for the same effect. Depending on your personal finger tone and guitar — it might even sound better.

Good luck, the tab is available below:

While I would characterize this as a difficult guitar piece, Fall in Love is not for total beginners. Intermediate and up on this one. Fall in Love is tuned from low to high: D G D G A# D. Depending on your tuner, it might be: D G D G Bb D. 

Fall in love by Phantogram (Voices) arrangment for classical guitar


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