EvanCDCover-MedI guess its fitting that Open Road is the opening song on my new EP, Sinking Ships & Wooden Kings.  This was also the first song I wrote for my new release.

The entire EP was conceptualized and written in the span of 5 days on my vacation to Cape May, NJ in September (2012).  It was the first time I ever brought a guitar with me, and I’m convinced the positive constraints of my relaxing and mundane routine, is what opened up the creativity so fast, so smoothly.

The concept from the get-go was minimalism, and leveraging the dose-response relationship in music.  I believe anything beyond the minimal dose begins to remove the listener’s sub-conscience imagination from the music it-self.  

This is entirely my own theory, but I believe it is precisely this relationship that explains why minimalist bands and music (U2, Mumford, etc) are so successful, and complex music, while still of value, enjoys a slightly smaller audience.

How to Play Open Road

I wanted to open up the album with a statement riff that would let the listener know immediately what I’m all about. Open Road achieves this with an arpeggiated C chord — to a blues lick — to open space.  From there, I “borrow” Gustavo Santaolalla’s minimalist technique of using two note 3rds, 4ths, and 5ths, rather than whole chords to achieve the wide sound-scape. 

Open Road is in standard tuning and relatively easy to play.  Enjoy, the tab is available below:

Open Road (Tab)

My new album Sinking Ships & Wooden Kings is available everywhere.  Any rating or review you might leave is deeply appreciated, and you would be doing me HUGE favor. Thank you!

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