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Without Their Permission

I recently listened to Alexis Ohanian‘s interview on the Bryan Callen podcast. At 30 years old, AlexisOhanian (co-founder of Reddit) is an angel investor, adviser to countless start-ups, author, and multimillionaire.  His new book is titled, Without Their Permission: How the 21st Century Will Be Made, Not Managed I’m currently a quarter of the way through the audio-book, and I love it!

The central theme of Ohanian’s book is that the future belongs to the creators, not the gatekeepers. If you happen to read my ramblings along with my guitar tabs, you’ll know that is essentially the theme of my blog.

Lifestyle Engineering

Intellimusica has transformed my existence, and it continues to give me freedom and flexibility with my physical teaching job — and thus, freedom with my life.

The most recent incarnation of this freedom — is my ability to refine my student population. On any given week I have over 40 students on my schedule.  Every now again I’ll run into a new student, or family where the chemistry is just bad.  It’s not their fault, nor mine. We just repel one another. Typically they anticipated our guitar lessons to be formal and structured, whereas I’m very improvisational and informal.

Three years ago I would endure the agony and dissonance because it filled a spot on my roster. Now, if the vibe is bad, I walk away and move on immediately. That is freedom.

The result, is that I’ve refined my student population to people that I get along with, really well. Most days I feel like this guy as I travel around to my lessons. Some nights I can hardly get in the door of a student’s house before I’m offered a beer, or glass of wine. That is living.

Even if you don’t develop the next Reddit, you can still leverage an online business to refine your day job, and engineer your life. Good luck!

(Note: Sweater Weather is my premium content.)

How to play Sweater Weather for classical guitar, by The Neighbourhood

I wasn’t happy with my recent output of material.  It was okay, but not remarkable.  I knew Sweater Weather would be inconceivable on classical guitar, so I gave it a shot.

The tab for Sweater Weather is beautiful looking tab, concisely drawn on two pages (fits a music stand).  I’ve also included the chord shape you’re in above its relevant section in the tab.

Enjoy, the tab is available below:

Sweater Weather is tuned one whole step down with the low E string tuned to C.  The tuning is as follows from low to high: C G C F A D. 

Sweater Weather


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