Muse: How to Play — Madness (Remix for Classical Guitar)

Posted on 22. Aug, 2012 by in Pop Music, Premium Tabs

Sounding like equal parts George Michael and U2, Muse’s new single Madness, is an unbelievably crafted pop-song.  Coldplay front-man Chris Martin praises it as “Muse’s best song ever” and there’s even a Phil Collins-esque (bump bump, bump bump, bump bump) drum fill into the final chorus crescendo.  

As soon as I heard it on the radio, I began to conceptualize how Madness would sound as a solo guitar interpretation.

I used my bright sounding and slightly smaller Cordoba Dolce for Madness.  I was surprised, despite it’s nylon strings, it actually has a very western, banjo, bluegrass kinda tone to it.  For whatever reason, it’s unconventional size and unique tone, inspires me to play a little differently. The Dolce is definitely my best sounding guitar.

Madness is played in

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20 Responses to “Muse: How to Play — Madness (Remix for Classical Guitar)”

  1. Danielle

    12. Sep, 2012

    Hi! I am completely in love with this remix! At first, I thought I hadn’t heard a good song for a while until I heard Muse’s Madness. Then, I heard your version and I feel like I have finally heard music!

    Anyway, I am a beginner guitar player. I am having trouble reading your tab. Do you have any rhythm notation for this song? That would be immensely helpful. I was also sort of surprised that the tab wasn’t noted since it is in classical style.

    I think that you’ve done a wonderful job. Love it!

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  2. Diego

    29. Sep, 2012

    Man, you’re awesome, this version gets really amazing. Keep doing this great job.

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  3. Sam

    02. Oct, 2012

    Man, I wish I could read your tabs, but I’m not that skilled yet. Your version for Madness is amazing, great job!

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  4. Name thierry

    11. Oct, 2012

    Simply beautiful, thanks for all.

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  7. Isabel

    13. Mar, 2013

    Amazing acoustic version! Do you have written tabs?

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  9. Bam Jayapani

    15. Mar, 2013

    Just wanted to say that this is amazing and I love your work. Never really got into playing acoustic guitars until I saw a few of your covers. Muse are one of my favourite bands (seen them live in London and had my mind blown) and I just love this arrangement of Madness so much. After some practise, I’m really enjoying myself playing this. Now on to Starlight! Thank you for sharing your wonderful work.


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  12. George

    18. Feb, 2014

    Hey Evan, I just want to start out by saying this version of Madness is amazing! your work is awesome! I joined to support you! Thank you friend!

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  13. Brandon

    01. Aug, 2014

    Very fun to play :) thanks for another great tab. My fingers are actually sore for the firs time since switching to classical lol. Do you have any tips for that part at 1:17?

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  14. Brandon

    02. Aug, 2014

    Never mind on my previous post, I was actually reading the tab wrong.

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