Sounding like equal parts George Michael and U2, Muse’s new single Madness, is an unbelievably crafted pop-song.  Coldplay front-man Chris Martin praises it as “Muse’s best song ever” and there’s even a Phil Collins-esque (bump bump, bump bump, bump bump) drum fill into the final chorus crescendo.  

As soon as I heard it on the radio, I began to conceptualize how Madness would sound as a solo guitar interpretation.

I used my bright sounding and slightly smaller Cordoba Dolce for Madness.  I was surprised, despite it’s nylon strings, it actually has a very western, banjo, bluegrass kinda tone to it.  For whatever reason, it’s unconventional size and unique tone, inspires me to play a little differently. The Dolce is definitely my best sounding guitar.

There are no difficult chord positions, but the timing might be tricky for beginner level guitar players.  This is an abbreviated version.  Just extend the verses and chorus if you’d like to play the whole thing.

I really had fun with this.  I hope you enjoy playing it, the tab is available below:

Madness is played in standard tuning with a capo on the 3rd fret.

Muse Madness — (Tab)

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