Arrival: On the Nature of Daylight (Max Richter) for guitar + TAB

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Max Richter

Update 11/13/16: On the Nature of Daylight is used as the opening and closing theme of Denis Villeneuve’s sci-fi thriller Arrival.

This was one of my very first posts from 2012, and my blog has come a long way since then! Even still, I rewrote and updated the guitar tab for you. The old one was sufficient, but I lay out the look and feel of guitar tabs much better now.

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March 2012: On the Nature of Daylight (Max Richter) has been my labor of love for the past 48 hours. The goal was to produce the best sounding and easiest guitar interpretation possible.

From Max Richter’s album The Blue Notebooks, and used in the soundtrack of Shutter Island, On The Nature Of Daylight is a long and delicate chord progression — eventually woven together with a somber violin melody.

How to play On the Nature of Daylight for classical guitar

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This is not an exact interpretation of On the Nature of Daylight, but it will be more than enough to satisfy an intermediate level guitar player and allow novice guitarists access to “post-classical” music.  Enjoy, the tab is available below:

On The Nature of Daylight is played in

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10 Responses to “Arrival: On the Nature of Daylight (Max Richter) for guitar + TAB”

  1. DrFent

    10. Mar, 2012

    Sounds great! Can’t wait to try this out on my guitar.
    Loads of thanks!

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  2. Daniel

    11. Mar, 2012

    I have to admit that knowing Max Richter’s work a bit and knowing this piece in particular from his own album and the Shutter Island Soundtrack, I was at first wondering if this version wasn’t a bit too minimalist to capture the depth of his composition.
    After playing it a few times i realized though that this is the best way of simplifying it. The depth comes through between the notes you’re actually playing and in the end it does capture the whole feeling very well. I don’t like to intellectualize music in general but Max Richter’s stuff really isn’t that easy to get into, it’s not an easy listening.
    That’s why I’m glad you still put this up on your blog and I hope you’ll still get a bit of traffic for it, it really deserves it.
    So thank you Evan!

    (Oh and I did appreciate that little note in your text concerning the “player level” for this song.)

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    • Evan Handyside

      11. Mar, 2012

      Good analysis Daniel. Whenever music is really dense, I find that taking an ultra minimalist approach will get the the best results of you’re playing a piece on a single guitar. I agree, his music is not easy listening in the sense that Dustin O’Halloran’s music is. I much prefer repetition and a little bit of pop sensibility even in “post-classical” music.

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  3. Name Jack

    08. May, 2012

    I am actually a beginner. But i determined on playing that song when i heard you playing it because its one of the best tracks i have ever heard (at least for me).
    And eventually, i started going on step by step following what you said about pracitising. Now, i can play it thanks to you.
    You are really talented, not only at playing guitar but as teaching people how to play it simply. You don’t really find both those traits in one person easily,
    Again, thanks a lot.

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    • Evan Handyside

      08. May, 2012

      Thanks for the nice comment Jack, I REALLY appreciate that. As a beginner, I’m happy that you’re finding some doable stuff to play on here.

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  4. thierry

    10. May, 2012

    Again a bieautiful tab !
    A search this tab for a long time and it’s just magic to play this music.

    Thanks a lot ;)

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  5. Name

    10. Jun, 2012

    You are really seriously talented. I’ve seen many of your videos and they are all just as amazing. Thank you for the tabs too they are great :)

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  7. Mike P

    01. Jan, 2015

    Absolutely beautiful.

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