Mad Max: Fury Road

The soundtrack for Mad Max: Fury Road is comprised of driving, electronic soundscapes by DJ Junkie XL — punctuated with classical music by his alter-ego Tom Holkenborg. Or maybe its the other way around? And here I thought electronic musicians, while talented, were just electronic musicians.

Tom Holkenborg’s thoughtfulness and talent are obvious in My Name is Max, a poignant theme from Mad Max: Fury Road. It turned out GREAT for guitar and this, as always, got me thinking…

The myth that classical guitar is difficult 

I’m not a classical guitarist, I just play one on YouTube. I don’t know how to play any traditional classical songs, other than a mediocre version of Beethoven’s Fur Elise.

However, I do play modern-classical music of my own creation. Most of the time, it’s not that difficult to play, and it sounds incredibly sophisticated and passionate. Here are a few of my recent favorites, that you’ll only find on Intellimusica:

Ender’s Game

The theme music is absolutely amazing, and highly underrated. One of the best theme songs written for film, period.


Hans Zimmer should have won an Academy Award for this.

Fargo (FX)

The composer, Jeff Russo, contacted me on Facebook with his approval of my rendition.

Why Do We Fall?

The central theme from The Dark Knight Rises. Just as good as the movie itself.

A Most Wanted Man 

The American is my favorite movie and soundtrack. Even over Gustavo Santaolalla’s work, and I’m obsessed with Santaolalla. A Most Wanted Man is the second collaboration of director Anton Corbjin, and composer Herbert Gronemeyer.

Sister Rust

This is an unassuming song by Blur frontman, Damon Albarn, from last year’s Lucy. It turned out to be one of the most melodic classical guitar arrangements I’ve ever done. One of my favorites.


Norman, the central theme of Fury, worked great for guitar. Composer Steven Price (Gravity) is a master of developing tension with melodies created from chords rather than single notes. This song is a slow build to a cresting wave.

I’d also add this post’s song, My Name is Max, to this list of highly sophisticated, yet relatively easy to play classical guitar songs.

(Note: My Name is Max — is my premium material)

How to play My Name is Max, by Junkie XL, from Mad Max: Fury Road

The guitar tab for My Name is Max is two pages long, and written with absolute clarity. The guitar tab you’re using is the same one I use for my YouTube videos — so it has to be perfectly comprehensible.

I divided the tab into basic chord shapes, and the notes are spaced to imbue a sense of timing. Although, this song is so loose, that you can play it in whatever tempo feels right for you; fast or slow. It will sound great.

I say My Name is Max is “relatively” easy to play. There are a couple of stretched out shapes, but the song’s short duration should make it doable for beginner guitar players too.

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Enjoy, you’ll love this! The tab is available below:

My Name is Max is played in standard tuning.

*My Name is Max*

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