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How to Play Outro (M83) for Classical Guitar

As soon as I posted M83’s Midnight City for classical guitar, a few people recommended Outro to me a possibility for this blog — specifically the piano bit at the end, which was used in the Cloud Atlas trailer. It’s essentially the outro of Outro, but it encompasses the over-all melody of the entire song.

I consider Outro easy to play due to it’s short duration. This is a perfect song for beginner and intermediate guitar players. Although you might be in some tricky chord positions, the whole riff is under a minute, so it shouldn’t seem daunting at all.

I’ve drawn up a very simple tab and it’s divided into the 5 chord shapes used in Outro.

Enjoy, the tab is available below:

Outro is tuned ina Drop-D tuning, which means you’ll tune your low-E string down to D. The tuning from low to high is: D A D G B E. 

M83 — Outro (Tab)

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