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Beyond her music and performance art, what impresses me most about Lykke Li is that she is seems to be the proverbial free spirit. My personality is much like my guitar playing: very precise. I’m comforted by organization. [However, my wife and I just had a baby boy a few days ago — so I’m learning to embrace the chaos a little more.]

A performance that I absolutely love, is Lykke Li playing Dance, Dance, Dance with Bon Iver at some park in L.A. I am mesmerized by her ability to just let go. I knew girls like this in my late teenage years, and I was totally intimidated by them.

Some guys who read this will know what I’m talking about. You come from a stable, semi-rigid upbringing like me — and suddenly your confronted with a girl whose sense of adventure is so extreme, that you never even board the train.

(Note: Gunshot is my premium material.)

How to play Gunshot by Lykke Li for classical guitar

Gunshot is really, really easy to play. I never get to post elaborate songs in my Easiest of Easy to Play archive because, by their nature, those songs tend to be as short as they are simple.

For something more complicated, try my version of Lykke Li’s No Rest For the Wicked.

The guitar tab is two pages long, and very easy to read. My order of play looks like this: Verse, Verse Extension, To Chorus, Chorus — Verse, To Chorus, Chorus 2x.

[If interested my guitar is a Cordoba GK Studio. You can find a list of all of my gear here.]

The actual song would be played with a capo on the first fret, but Gunshot is spread out across the fret board, so removing the capo made it easier to read.

Enjoy, the tab is available below:

Gunshot for classical guitar is played in standard tuning.

Gunshot for classical guitar

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