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My current gear

I receive a ton of questions, mainly on YouTube, about my gear: guitars, strings, camera, etc. I feel like I have a pretty obvious gear page on this blog, but for those who don’t feel like averting their eyes, here’s a short list of the main stuff:

1) My main guitar is a Cordoba GK studio. It’s relatively cheap, for a top-end instrument, and it consistently plays and sound amazing. Also the neck stays perfectly straight with very low action (the space between the fretboard and string). Although it’s equipped with a pickup system, I play acoustically.

2) Without question, my strings are (and always will be) Savarez Red Card. I play with my fingertips (not nails) so the rectified nylon on the treble strings feels very secure to me. Obviously they sound great too, but for me, it’s more about the feel.

3) My new audio camera is the Zoom Q8. It’s so good that I can no longer recommend the cheaper Zoom Q4. For $100 dollars more, the Q8 is vastly superior in sound and capability. By comparison, the Q4 is actually a waste of money.

The main difference is the microphone, where I can control the gain manually. The mic is also removable if you choose to add another type of microphone from Zoom. For acoustic guitar, the stock x/y is recommended. Also the camera’s wide angle lens allows me to move the device much closer to the guitar, for a superior sound.

(For capos, tuners, and other gear questions — visit the gear page.)

How to play High By the Beach for classical guitar

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I’ve written about my fascination with Lana Del Rey’s persona and music ad nauseam. You can find an archive of all of my Lana Del Rey posts here

I immediately noticed that High By the Beach had a pseudo-Spanish chord progression — carried throughout the verse and chorus. From a rhythmic standpoint, the bridge section is the only different part of the song.

It’s simple structure probably why High By the Beach is a more popular song than Honeymoon — the first released single from her impending new album.

The guitar tab for High By the Beach is only two pages long. Although it sounds sophisticated, High By the beach is incredibly easy to play — due to the simple chord shapes. My order of play looks like this in accordance with the guitar tab: Verse, Chorus 2x, Chorus continued — Verse, Chorus 2x, Chorus continued — Bridge, Chorus 2x, Chorus continued, End.

The guitar tab is available below:

Enjoy this! High By the Beach is tuned in Drop D tuning (from low to high) D A D G B E — with a capo on the second fret. 

High By the Beach for classical guitar


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