Jonny Greenwood

“I’m quite into listening to music and not doing anything else.”
-Jonny Greenwood

Beyond his futuristic guitar playing, I love Jonny Greenwood for what he represents: a monastic, hermit-like obsession with creating music.

What Radiohead have achieved is nothing short of amazing — critical acclaim in perpetuity. During their four-year-off stints, it’s members jettison in all directions, perusing personal passions for music, activism, etc.  

None of Radiohead’s 5 members ever sully the mother-ship with their individual projects. They only deepen the enigma of “Radiohead”.

I liken Jonny Greenwood to a Stanley Kubrick-like creator. In interviews he seems like a polite, reclusive individual who would prefer his work speak for itself. The work itself — whether arranging classical music, film scores, or solo guitar loop performances — is highly avant-garde.  Like Kubrick, Jonny Greenwood’s music appeals to your intelligence, and your capacity to keep an open mind as you embark to an uncertain destination.

(Note: Spooks is my premium material)

How to play Spooks for classical guitar

Spooks is a loose, trippy, multi-part guitar tune — that I’ve distilled into a single cohesive guitar piece. I picked out (what I think are) the main licks and created a guitar tab that lends some order to the chaos.

Despite how involved it looks, Spooks fits nicely on a two page guitar tab, and it’s very easy to read and comprehend.

Although, there no difficult guitar shapes, the descending lick is pretty tricky to incorporate within the chords. I feel that Spooks should be attempted by everybody, but will best suited to intermediate (and up) guitar players.

Enjoy, the tab is available below:

Spooks is played in standard tuning. 

Inherent Vice: Spooks for classical guitar


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