How to Play Hans Zimmer’s Man of Steel Theme for Classical Guitar

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[UPDATE: I’ve done an arrangement of the Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice theme. Also, a guitar cover of the initial trailer theme.]

“Talent hits the target no one else can hit; genius hits the target no one else can see.” – Arthur Schopenhauer

What is talent?

Talent is simply doing what the universe tells you to do.  Amazingly, most people ignore this call, and instead, opt for lives of quiet desperation.

I ignored my calling for nearly 10 years and I was miserable. Sure, I taught guitar, but I was convinced that wasn’t a “real job”, or it certainly wouldn’t last. This lead me to experiment with other part-time jobs (while also teaching part-time) all in an effort to become an “adult”.

Thankfully, a series of events changed my doomed trajectory, and I was able to put my full effort into teaching, blogging, and playing guitar for a lucrative living.  

Talent, or what the universe is begging you to do, will most likely come in the form of a healthy obsession.  One of my students is former Cincinnati Red and MLB Network broadcaster Sean Casey.  He often talks to me about his single minded obsession for hitting.  Although he loves playing guitar, I get the feeling there’s no place he’d rather be then in the batting cage. Knowing his tenacity for hitting, Sean’s long MLB career, punctuated by seasons of genius, was probably a forgone conclusion.

Your true talent could be something you’ve always desired to do, but haven’t even tried yet.  The father of one of my long-time students was a successful lawyer who truly desired to be an actor.  One day he auditioned for a local theater, the next day he was a retired lawyer — and now an actor.

You must act upon your ideas and your desires — after all, what more is there to living? I had the idea for Intellimusica years before my first post in 2011. My delay and excuses barely concealed my fear of failure. As I mentioned in my last post, no plan survives first contact, and you will be redirected and guided along the way. Failure is essential. Don’t waist any more time, not doing what you’re meant to do. 

“A man is not old until regrets take the place of dreams.” – John Barrymore

What is genius?

Genius can only be accessed through inspiration.  The root of which is in-spirit.  Musicians, artists, athletes, and creators of any kind can attest — the moment you are inspired, you have truly entered God’s slipstream.  

My single-minded obsession is this blog, and true to the universe’s Pareto distribution, roughly 10% of the posts generate 90% of the traffic!  The current “elite 10%” are subjective depending on the reader, but from a numbers perspective, it’s Madness, Skyfall, and Django — with a few others mixed in. These posts/transcriptions can globally be described as my moments of genius.

People like Steve Jobs or Sidney Crosby are better at harnessing genius then the rest of us.  But the fact remains: you can only access genius through inspiration, and inspiration through talent.


(Note: The Man of Steel Theme is my premium content.)

How to play Hans Zimmer’s Man of Steel Theme for classical guitar

Man of Steel is tuned like this from Low to High:

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15 Responses to “How to Play Hans Zimmer’s Man of Steel Theme for Classical Guitar”

  1. […] Tyler’s Iron Man 3 came together in about 10 minutes. It’s not always that easy.  Man of Steel (Hans Zimmer) took a week to finalize the draft, and two days to […]

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  2. Daniel

    11. May, 2013

    Okay, I just couldn’t watch this post going uncommented. I don’t know how much traffic it’s getting on Youtube or how many comments but I sure hope that it’s getting as much as it deserves. I really love this tab and I think I do for a reason. I find it very hard by now to say that certain blogs are some of your best because I’m losing track of all the stuff you have on here. Let’s just say it’s another outstanding tab.
    And now I’m off to bed!

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    • Evan Handyside

      11. May, 2013

      Thanks Daniel, this is BY FAR the best thing I’ve done. Honestly, I’m so locked into what I’m doing with Intellimusica that I can bang out transcriptions in minutes now. Man of Steel took me quite a few drafts to get it just right. Especially when you are working with an alternate tuning — you have to decide which parts to sacrifice so others can really shine through.


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  3. Daniel

    12. May, 2013

    Yeah, I’ve noticed that too on a much more unprofessional level. For example that most songs are simply built upon chords and once you figure the chord out you can just decide which note you need to or want to emphasize but that’s just the theory … and whereas it’s relatively easy to find a capo position I have no idea how to figure out if i hae to change the tuning of the guitar. Any advice on that?
    Also I’d really like to know what it is that makes certain transcriptions way better than others to you and how you would judge or evaluate the quality of a good tab. I assume that you don’t just go by the time you spent on it.

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    • Evan Handyside

      12. May, 2013

      Right. It has a certain something to it. I feel like my version — no matter how many people attempt to transcribe it — is the quintessential Man of Steel Theme for guitar.

      Not to sound like a dick, but that’s what I was going for — and I think I achieved it. I’m always trying to out do myself, but this is the tab that I am most proud of so far in 2013.

      No advice on Alternate tuning other than to say I tend to stick with tuning only the E and A strings in most of my posts. I hate rearranging the entire guitar!

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  4. AndresMedellin

    05. Jun, 2013

    This is awesome, Beautiful, amazing…it’s just perfect. Congratulations. Thanks for sharing this :) and keep going, you are outstanding

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  5. […] precisely why my favorite thing, is to learn orchestral stuff where I’m actually creating a guitar part.  In that case, I’m essentially looking a […]

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  6. […] just like that, Man of Steel and The Last Of Us are released, and my viewership is up to 20,000 viewers for June alone. […]

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    02. Sep, 2013

    […] Zimmer’s Man of Steel Theme (for classical guitar) — Evan Handyside Tab and Blog: Album: Guitar performance and tab for Hans Zimmer’s Man of […]

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  8. Caleb Rodda

    24. Oct, 2013

    Hey Evan,

    First of all I love your stuff :D I bought the tiny pass a couple of months back and grabbed my favorite tabs!

    Thanks a bunch, Caleb.

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  9. paniagua

    26. May, 2014

    wow love it !

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  10. Jeremy

    07. Jun, 2014

    Hey Evan! Nice work! I found a great song from the movie Up… It’s called Married Life and I was wondering if you could make a tab for it… Keep up the good work!

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  11. Philippe

    16. Jun, 2014

    I love it too !!!

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  12. Vasundhara

    08. Jul, 2014

    Wow! I love this song! I have been trying to play it on my guitar for a really long time and your video just inspires me. Thanks a ton for putting up this video, its really going to help me alot.

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